Issue 1 – poetic realism

by barund CPH

There are loads of talented Danish designers that we admire and one of them is Susanne Rützou. Recently we discovered her latest inspiring project – The Chronicle, a magazine launched during fashion week August 2010. The Chronicle features stories about art, photography, people and places that inspire Rützou. This project is great in so many ways, when you hold it in your hands. The format, the texture of the paper it is printed on, the graphics and the great images all make this piece of work delicious.The magazine is designed so it is easy to tear out the pages and use the images in your own moodboard or whatever you like.

We can add the creative team behind the Chronicle to people we find inspiring – the Art director of this project Mathilde Maria Rasmussen from design bureau ATWTP and Frederik Bjerregaard and his “think do” projects.