Trash Couture

by barund CPH

“Couture is not only for the chosen ones, in a hidden world behind thick couture house walls. Couture is for all the women who are attracted by the beauty of creation and the dreams that flows within it”.

 – Ann Wiberg, Trash Couture.

To add to our list of must-haves…A Trash Couture gown by Ann Wiberg and Nanna Lowe.

Tried and tested by Kirsten Dunst, Penelope Cruz, Rachel Weiz & Vogue, Vogue, Vogue to name a few.

All dresses are handmade in Copenhagen, Denmark and created from scratch with original colouring of silks, recycled leftovers from the big couture houses and vintage embroideries.

The Ballroom was the first couture salon ever in Scandinavia to provide the Scandinavians with a couture experience normally only offered by the big couture houses in Paris.

In 2012, Trash-Couture opened its first flagship boutique on Bredgade 8, Copenhagen. An absolutely gorgeous experience!

It is a gift to be let into the Trash Couture universe. Go and see it or see more at Trash Couture.